USA South Hall of Fame

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Class of 2018
Kevin Angle, Greensboro College (Student-Athlete)
Lindsay (Sheppard) Birch, Christopher Newport University (Student-Athlete/Coach)
Katie (Smith) Davis, Greensboro College (Student-Athlete)
Abby Hogge, Christopher Newport University (Student-Athlete)
Pekka Kaartinen, Averett University (Student-Athlete)
Keith Mayhew, Ferrum College (Student-Athlete)
Kevin O'Connell, Greensboro College (Student-Athlete)


Class of 2017
Danny Miller, Averett University (Coach)
Janne Mommo, Averett University (Student-Athlete)
Carl Payne, N.C. Wesleyan College (Student-Athlete)
Chelsie Schweers, Christopher Newport University (Student-Athlete)


Class of 2016
Steve Artis, Christopher Newport University (Student-Athlete)
Mike Grimsley, Greensboro College (Student-Athlete)
Ryan Jenkins, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Jean Lojko, Greensboro College (Coach)
Trish Parker, N.C. Wesleyan College (Student-Athlete)
Rita Wiggs, USA South Athletic Conference (Administrator)


Class of 2015
Michael Brewington, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Laura Lee Brown, Greensboro College (Student-Athlete)
Becky Burleigh, Methodist University (Ambassador)
Julie Duerler, N.C. Wesleyan College (Student-Athlete)


Class of 2014
Patrick Daly, Ferrum College (Student-Athlete)
Jansen Evans, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Rob Pilewski, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Anne Thorpe, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Joe Pereira, Methodist University (Coach)
Vesa Hiltunen, Averett University (Administrator)


Class of 2013
Greg Clark, N.C. Wesleyan College (Student-Athlete)
Rebecca Morton, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Robert Linville, Greensboro College (Coach)
William Ariail, Greensboro College (Administrator)
Bev Vaughan, Christopher Newport University (Administrator)


Class of 2012
David Holmes, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Bren LaFlamme Taylor, Averett University (Student-Athlete)
Abe Naff, Ferrum College (Coach)
C.J. Woollum, Christopher Newport University (Coach)
Raymond (Moe) Bauer, N.C. Wesleyan College (Administrator)


Class of 2011
Clarence Caldwell, Greensboro College (Student-Athlete)
Andrew McMurray, Greensboro College (Student-Athlete)
Roger Taylor, N.C. Wesleyan College (Student-Athlete)
James Locke, Greensboro College (Coach)
Wayne Block, Christopher Newport University (Administrator)


Class of 2010
Karen Barefoot, Christopher Newport University (Student-Athlete)
Elena Blanina, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Chad Collins, Methodist University (Student-Athlete)
Eric Owens, Ferrum College (Student-Athlete)
Lamont Strothers, Christopher Newport University (Student-Athlete)
Billy Wagner, Ferrum College (Student-Athlete)
Tom Austin, Methodist University (Coach)
Steve Conley, Methodist University (Coach)
Mike Fox, N.C. Wesleyan College (Coach)
Don Scalf, N.C. Wesleyan College (Administrator)