USA South SAAC Constitution

USASouth SAACConstitution

Approved November, 2002 Amended December, 2003


Mission Statement- The mission of the USA South Athletic Conference Student~Athlete Advisory Committee is to:


A. Enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image.

B. Support and encourage athletes in their development athletically and academically by promoting discipline, time management skills, and goal setting.

C. Facilitate open communication between student-athletes, the academic community, coaches, and administrators.

D. Increase the Conference's involvement in the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

E.   Promote good sportsmanship, fair play, leadership, and academic achievement among student-athletes.

F.   Provide the student-athletes with a "voice” in the Conference.


Composition of Committee / Membership

A. The SAAC will consist of one male and one female representative from each Conference institution. Single sex institutions will have one representative.

B. Each representative must be in good academic standing and an active member of his/her school's SAAC. In addition, it is preferable to have only sophomores and juniors on the committee.

C. Each school's Athletic Director, Faculty Athletic Representative (or SAAC Advisor) and other Athletic Administrators should consult to determine the student-athletes they feel would best represent their institution.

D. Membership will not be discouraged or denied on the basis of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, age, religious denomination, political affiliation or national/ ethnic origin.

E.   Individuals may be a committee member on the Conference SAAC for no longer than three academic years.

F. Membership on the SAAC can be terminated by:

1.   The conclusion of the student-athlete's participation in intercollegiate athletics.

2.   Two~thirds vote of committee.

3.   Resignation of committee member.

4.   Failure to adhere to the attendance policy.

5.   Any other violation of appropriate conduct determined by the Commissioner or the   institution's Athletic Director.



A. As a member of the USA South Athletic Conference SAAC, it is expected that each member will in good faith try to attend all meetings.

B. Acceptable absences from a meeting include an athletic competition, class, or a family obligation.

C. Meeting times will be determined several weeks in advance of each meeting. It is requested that if a committee member will miss a meeting that he/she notify the SAAC Chair and Commissioner at least two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

D. If a committee member is going to miss a meeting, it is his/her responsibility to have his/her duties carried out and have all assignments/ obligations for the upcoming meetil1g completed.

E.   Punctuality, active participation and respect for others are expected Jrom every conifn1ttee member at all SAAC functions.



A. There will be two USA South Athletic Conference SAAC meetings each academic year. The first meeting will be held at a site determined by the Commissioner and the second meeting will be in February at the Basketball Conference Tournament. It will rotate between the men's and women's tournaments if they occur at different sites. Meetings may be scheduled in conjunction with a student-athlete workshop.

B. Meeting agendas will be sent to each committee member in advance. C. Appropriate dress is expected at all meetings.

D. Consumption of alcohol for any student-athlete at a USA South Athletic Conference SAAC function is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


SAAC Advisor

A. The USA South Athletic Conference Commissioner will serve as the Advisor for the SAAC, thus attending all meetings, coordinating SAAC meetings and functions with Chair and Vice-Chair of the committee, and providing support for the committee regarding issues with coaches and administration. If the Commissioner cannot attend, his/her designee will attend.

B. The advisor will be a nonvoting member of the committee.

C. Facilitate communication between the SAAC and institutional administrations.


Elections / Voting Procedure

A. Elections will be held annually at the February SAAC meeting, with newly elected officers taking office at the beginning of the next school year.

B. Nominations may be made by any of the active members (on~ the 16 SAAC members in attendance at the meeting) of the committee. C. Only active members may vote.

D. Officers will be elected by the majority of the committee.

E.   To endorse or oppose a motion, a two-thirds affirmative vote of the member's present is required. An abstention is a neutral vote.




Duties and Qualifications of Officers / Members

A. Chair person will:

1.   Coordinate and run all SAAC meetings.

2.   Oversee the work of the other officers.

3.   Appoint Chairs of any sub-committees.

4.   Work with Commissioner and Vice-Chair in developing an agenda for each meeting.

5.   Serve as a voting representative.

B. Vice-Chair will:

1.   Work with Commissioner and Chair in developing an agenda for each meeting.

2.   Act in the absence of the Chair.

3.   Assist the Chair in coordinating and running all SAAC meetings.

4.   Serve as a voting representative.

C. Secretary will:

1.   Take notes/minutes at all SAAC meetings.

2.   Maintain the SAAC e-mail/ mail/ phone list of all committee members.

3.   Publish minutes and distribute to all SAAC members.

4.   Take attendance at all SAAC meetings and report absences to Commissioner and SAAC Chair.

5.   Coordinate with the Conference SID regarding maintenance & update of the Conference SAAC website.

6.   Serve as a voting representative.

D. Team representatives will:

1. Attend meetings and participate in sub-committees.

2. Relay information from Conference SAAC meetings to their institution's SAAC.

3. Serve as a voting representative.



A. Amendments can be proposed by any active member of the committee.

B. The Chair person will appoint an Amendment Sub-Committee to write the proposed amendment.

C. The proposed amendment will then be read aloud to the SAAC and the SAAC will vote on the proposed amendment.

D. Amendments must be passed by a 3/4 +1 vote to be added to the Constitution.